Is Taiwan A Great Travel Destination?

If you want to visit an exotic place and have an excellent landscape, Taiwan is the answer for you. An island country, Taiwan is home to an important Southeast Asian culture, delicious cuisine, incredible weather, and numerous parts of the forest and festivals. So once you enter Taiwan, where do you experience the full size of Taiwan?

Upon arrival in Taiwan, tourists will see one of its magnificent sights, Mount Jade. This mountain is commonly called Yu Shan and is known as the highest mountain in East Asia. This explains why it is visible from all parts of the island of Thailand. Tourists and natives begin to escape the heat and humidity by walking up the beautiful mountainside while enjoying the exotic scenery. There are eight major national parks in Taiwan and the mountain is located in the Tarot National Park.

Despite the fact that Taiwan is an island, it does not have big famous beaches. There are few beaches scattered along the southern coast. However, this does not mean that tourists cannot have fun on the few available beaches. Some of the best beaches in Taiwan are in the Kentucky National Park. These beaches offer excellent diving spots as well as a surf area.

Visitors who want to enjoy the scenery of Taiwan should visit the east coast. There are tables of beautiful mountains that plunge directly into the sea, offering a picturesque view. The eastern coastal city of Yilan is easily accessible by road through another famous attraction, the Hsuehshan Tunnel. This tunnel appears to be well designed and is among the longest tunnel roads in the world. This tunnel makes the rather difficult task of accessing the east coast through mountainous terrain easier and faster. However, many tourists prefer the longer routes by train, which gives them the opportunity to observe the picturesque landscape. Taiwan has one of the best transportation infrastructures that allow easy access to all parts of the island. The island boasts of the rail system, which facilitated a convention during a trip to various parts of the island.

Besides the scenic views and the beaches, tourists can also enjoy the rich nightlife of Taiwan. Most food markets are very crowded at night, as are most Taiwanese food stores. There are many street food vendors on most of the streets selling some local delicacies like duck tongue. For those who find local delicacies repulsive, they can still enjoy other incredible dishes like the oyster omelette. Famous markets to visit at night are Shilina Market in Taipei, Fengchia Market in Taichung, and Liouhe Market in Kaohsiung. Tourists also visit some of the famous temples and also take part in the festivals that take place every year.

Taiwan is proud of its mild climate. It is neither too hot nor too cold in Taiwan. The high mountains of Taiwan guarantee a cool atmosphere at the top. It is definitely an experience to visit Taiwan and enjoy its paradisiacal climate. You have to head to the beaches of Taiwan to take advantage of the beautiful coastal beaches and clear skies. Taiwan vacation packages allow you to visit Taiwan and enjoy the beautiful weather in depth.

Taiwan is a great destination if you want to immerse yourself in rich cultural experiences.