Must-Do And See In Netherlands

Netherlands is considered as one of the most vibrant places in the world, and since it is relatively smaller compared to other countries, it is easy for tourists to go around when traveling. The only real question is where to go when visiting Netherlands. Thankfully, Netherlands is not one of the countries that will be short on tourist destinations because of how beautiful and diverse it is.

One of the most basic and relaxing thing to do in Netherlands is to walk around the canals of Amsterdam. A lot of people know about the canals of Venice, but what they don’t know is that Netherlands also has a very vibrant canal system as well. Tourists can enjoy the canals that go around the city by hopping on a boat or water taxi that lets people the picturesque view and immerse in the idyllic environment. The good thing is that the canals can sill be enjoyed without really going in the water, but by just taking a stroll along the banks.

A visit to Zaanse Schans should also be part of the itinerary especially if tourists want to experience the Netherlands of the 17th and 18th centuries. This spot is located about 15 kilometers north of Amsterdam and it is basically an open-air museum where tourists can stroll around a very traditional Dutch village. This is a very interesting place because it shows how the craftsmen then worked on different tools that they used for hunting and other means of survival. Some of the sights inside the village are green houses made from wood, pewter factory, grocery store, and even a shipyard. Furthermore, there are also windmills that are displayed, although only five of them remain now out of the 600 that once existed in the village.

Keukenhof is known as the Garden of Europe, and this can brighten any tourist’s day because of the vibrant colors that the flowers bring to the eyes. And since Tulips are recognized as the signature flowers of Netherlands, this garden surely proves how abundant this country is of them. The garden is occupying a total of 70 acres of land and it boasts of different flower exhibitions that show off a wide array of flowers like hyacinths, and crocuses; aside from these exhibitions, restaurants can also be found inside the garden to make sure that not only the eyes of tourists are full, but also their stomachs.

Another attraction that can be visited in Netherlands is the Grote Kerk and it is a Gothic style church built from red bricks; it is located in The Hague. The original version of the building was actually built in the 13th century before it was destroyed, and rebuilt again in 1539. This structure has been considered as one of the most historic structures in all of Netherlands because a lot of the early members of the Dutch royal family were baptized, one of them being King Willem-Alexander. Its bell tower is actually one of the things that makes it literally stand out in all of Holland, containing a total of 51 bells.

With all the diverse selection of place and things to see in Netherlands, people will definitely have a very rich experience when they decide to visit this country.