Top 5 Reasons Why you Must Visit France

Are you planning for your next vacation? If yes, France should be one of your top priorities. There is a reason why it is among the world’s most visited places. Besides the rich culture, France has ancient landmarks and tourist attractions. There are several options to use to get around the country. The train is the quickest and safest option but also very reliable.

If you are passionate about France or a second timer and a non-French speaker, you should grab a French Phrasebook copy. It has more than 1400 most widely phrases and has mp3 support. You get to travel in confidence, order meals, and pay for bus hassle-free. 

While in France, remember to take your time when dressing up, Paris is the fashion capital of the world. When strolling the streets of various cities, you hardly see the locals with sweat pants, shorts, gym attire, jeans, or flip flops. With this in mind, you got to take your fashion to a top-level and rival the locals. 

Once you land in France, there are some things to do, and therefore you need to prioritize some things to avoid running out of time and to keep your budget at a low level. 

  1. Explore the Paris

Paris’s iconic tower is seen everywhere, in the Television, movies, and travel magazines. If you visit Paris in France without visiting the Eiffel tower, travel enthusiasts will tell you that you haven’t visited Paris. To explore further, you can climb the 275m tower using a lift or stairs. How will you say to your friends or children that you ever traveled to Paris? A photo in front of the Eiffel tower.

The majority of the people that visit France visit Paris only, The City of Light. They, however, visit the city for a reason, there is so much about Paris. You would consider traveling to Paris then plan another visit for the rest of the country. There’s so much to Paris and France that only a visit can tell on a better scale.

  1. French culinary

France is also famed for its delicacies. The food selection around the city will leave you salivating. You better watch your pocket. You can’t get enough of the sumptuous meals. The smell alone tells you what to expect in hotels and restaurants. However, consider understanding some basic dining manners and acquaint yourself with the French table.

  1. Strict French Schedule

When you travel to France, you better be conversant with France’s schedule of doing things. Wrong timing means that you’re likely to miss out on specific activities. For instance, most shops and institutions close for 2 hours during lunch hour.

  1. Mont Blanc

The mountain is located in the French Alps and is excellent for site seeing, rock climbing, skiing, and hiking, which guarantees you great outdoor adventure. Beneath the mountain, there is the Chamonix village. The Alps have numerous lodges and restaurants for alpine accommodation and traditional French meals.

  1. French Riviera (Cote d”Azur)

The famous stretch of France’s coastline has a sparkling seaside with numerous resorts and beaches. Also, there are extravagant villas and posh yachts. It’s perfect for sunbathing during the summer. There are both public and private beaches at Saint-Tropez, a fishing village.

There are many more places to visit in France, some of which are listed as UNESCO world heritage sites. They include Mont Saint-Michel, Loire Valley Chateaux, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Carcassonne, and many more. Visit and experience the ambiance yourself.